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6ix9ine’s ‘GOOBA’ Is Breaking Records With Over 135M Views

After much anticipation, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s new “GOOBAmusic video was finally released. Currently sitting at 135 million views, at the time of writing, “GOOBA” became the fastest hip-hop music video to reach 100 million views in Youtube history.

While ‘GOOBA’ May Continue Breaking Records, Here Are 3 It Already Broke

“GOOBA” was able to reach 100 million views in only 3.1 days, making it the fastest rap video to get there but the 4th overall. Childish Gambino‘s “This Is America” comes in second in the hip hop category taking 7.1 Days to crack that milestone. Eminem‘s Killshot video, which was just an image and an audio track, took 7.4 days to reach 100 million views.

Fastest Hip-Hop Videos To Reach 100 Million Views - YouTube Views (In Days)

On the first day of its release, the video jumped all the way to number 1 on Youtube also breaking a record held by Enemim with over 43 million views within a 24 hour period. Eminem’s “Killshot” got 38.1 million views on its first day.

6ix9ine’s “GOOBA” broke another record last Friday when 2 million Instagram viewers watched him go live to explain why he snitched on his associates during their trial.

6ix9ine Had to Shoot The Video In His Backyard

After being released from jail recently by a judge, 6ix9ine got back into the game by making a new music video but the catch was that the rapper reportedly had to film it in his own backyard. 

TMZ first reported that 6ix9ine would probably be the only person in the video. If you’ve actually watched the video, you know that’s clearly not the case. Unfortunately, that led to his address being leaked, which reportedly forced him into relocation.

Some Rappers Are Saying That They Don’t Want To Work With 6ix9ine

One rapper who has already said he will never work with 6ix9ine again is 50 Cent. Although 50 said he understood why he did, he still wasn’t down with what he did.

“I wouldn’t work with him. What it is, is it’s just against the way I grew up,” said 50.

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Given that 6ix9ine’s comeback can already be considered a massive success, it will be interesting to see if any of the rappers who labeled him an outcast early on will change their tune!

Editor’s Note: The total view count of ‘GOOBA’ music video was updated to show it’s current stats at the time of last edit.

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