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LeBron James and T.I. Furious Over Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Video

The Ahmaud Arbery shooting video led LeBron James and T.I. to use their platforms to share their outrage over the killing. Many celebrities on social media exploded in anger when a video surfaced of a young black jogger being shot by a gang of white men while jogging.

25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was hunted and shot and killed in Brunswick, Georgia while jogging by Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael. A third man was filming the incident while it took place.

Aubrey died on February 23rd, but the video of the shooting just surfaced a few days ago. None of the alleged murderers involved have been arrested or charged in this case. 

When millions saw the graphic video, celebrities such as NBA star LeBron James and rapper T.I. were furious and voiced their opinion about what went down.

LeBron James lamented about how black males not even being able to go for a job.

T.I., who is an activist in the community and a supporter of #BlackLivesMatter, spoke out against this crime, saying things like that will not stop until black Americans stop it.

More People Call For Justice After Watching Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Video
Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Video Outrages Lebron James and T.I. - Feature Image

Since the video has aired, there have been numerous calls from everyone from the Georgia NAACP to presidential candidate Joe Biden, to make sure that Arbery’s family receives justice. 

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