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The 10 Best R&B Wedding Songs Of All Time

Best R&B Wedding Songs Of All Time

As June is the month of weddings, we decided to honor this month of love with the best R&B wedding songs of all time. On the list are some familiar classics and some newer R&B songs, but each song holds some special meaning to the couples in love. 

Best R&B Wedding Songs Playlist

Always” – Atlantic Starr

Finding the perfect song to play at your wedding can be hard, but I have to say this song is darn near perfect. It is almost as if the duo in this song is singing their vows to each other, which is why it is the ideal wedding song. This song has everything, which is why it is still a timeless rhythm and blues classic. 

KC and JoJo - All My Life

All My Life – KC and Jojo

“All My Life” was used in several 1990s weddings with its heartfelt lyrics that KC and JoJo brought to life with their voices. The song is a sweet, touching, and soulful ballad about a lover who says they have waited and prayed for their whole lives for that one true love of their life, and they are finally here. This song was probably the biggest hits of their career, and its popularity still lives on today. 

Luther Vandross - Here and Now

Here and Now – Luther Vandross

This song is the standard for which all wedding songs in the last 30 years have followed. In this song, it sounds as if it is the singer Luther Vandross is making wedding vows to his beloved, promising them no matter what, that he will always love and be faithful for the rest of their days.

Mariah Carey - Vision of Love

Vision of Love – Mariah Carey

Some people see this song as a religious or spiritual song about one finding God, others like me, see it as a song thanking God for bringing someone special into their lives. “Vision of Love” was Mariah Carey’s first hit, and if you know the song, you understand why. It’s a sweet, sentimental song about a long wait for true love that is finally over.

Kenny Lattimore - For You

For You – Kenny Lattimore

“For You”, is more of an engagement song than a wedding song. However, it still holds a special meaning, which makes it a popular wedding song. It’s a touching ballad of a lover saying what mountains and hills they would climb to be with this person, and the song ends with a perfect proposal of marriage.  

Brian Mcknight - Back At One

Back At One Brian Mcknight

Who can have a list about love songs without Brian McKnight, who right now is the reigning king of the love ballad? “Back At One” is almost like a pledge of love to someone that if they aren’t doing the things they did in the first place to win your heart, then they will start back at the beginning and start over. 

Diana Ross & Lionel Richie - Endless Love

Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

When this song was released about 40 years ago, it was on the soundtrack to the movie Endless Love starring Brooke Shields. Now it’s been rediscovered and being played everywhere again. The song itself is about an unwavering love between two young lovers who can’t seem to get enough of each other and never want to be apart.

John Legend - All Of Me

All Of Me – John Legend

If “Here and Now” was the old the standard, the new one is “All of Me.” Like the Vandross song, A lover is telling the one he loves why she is special to him and goes into detail about why they love them so much and wants to give all themself to them. This song will always be from now on, a timeless classic for generations to come.

Natalie and Nat King Cole - Unforgettable

Unforgettable – Natalie and Nat King Cole

Natalie Cole’s love songs speak to the heart of what’s going on in a relationship and make no apologies, just like in her song “I’m Catching Hell” where she talks about missing her lover. “Unforgettable” takes things to a different level.

The song, which was initially released by her father Nat King Cole, is about appreciating that special love in your life. What made it more special is that she sang the song as a duet with her father and later won a Grammy for it. It’s almost like a love poem more than a love song, but the meaning still rings true. 

Anita Baker - Giving You the Best That I Got

Giving You the Best That I Got – Anita Baker

Anita Baker has a lot of love songs to choose from in her catalog, but “Giving You the Best That I Got” has to be one of her best. The song speaks about giving your all to the person you love in exchange for all the love they have given to you despite the opinions of others who think the relationship may fail, the lover in this song pledges her undying love.

The best part of the song is when Baker says, “I’ve bet everything on my wedding ring” so you know she means it when she says giving you the best that I got.

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