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Casting Light on Peacock’s Rich Catalogue of Films | From Suspenseful Thrillers to Heartwarming Dramas

Peacock NBCUniversal min
Peacock Streaming: Unleashing a World of Content

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, stands as a treasure trove of cinematic gems, offering a diverse range of films, from suspenseful thrillers to heartwarming dramas, and cult classics. This article will delve into some of the best films available on Peacock, shedding light on the diverse spectrum of stories that grace the platform.

Knock at the Cabin
Knock at the Cabin

“Knock at the Cabin” (2023) is a recent release that is already making waves. Adapted from Paul G. Tremblay’s book “Cabin at the End of the World”, this film is directed by M. Night Shyamalan, known for his knack for suspense and unexpected twists. The movie, set in a cabin amidst the woods, revolves around a family vacation disrupted by a soft-spoken man and his friends who warn of an impending apocalypse. Dave Bautista’s performance as the intimidating Leonard keeps the film compelling.

Tár min

Peacock’s catalog also includes the critically acclaimed “Tár” (2022), a gripping drama that explores the world of classical music through the life of Lydia Tár, the first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. Starring Cate Blanchett, the film expertly weaves an unraveling success story, juxtaposing her professional accomplishments with the accusations threatening her career.


For those seeking a unique blend of horror and camp, “M3GAN” (2022) stands out. The plot centers around a doll, brought to life by AI, programmed to protect a girl at all costs, leading to utter chaos. This quirky narrative infused with comic undertones is sure to keep audiences entertained.

Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead

“Night of the Living Dead” (1968) is a must-see classic for any horror enthusiast. As the progenitor of the modern zombie genre, this film delves into the survival story of a group who retreats to an abandoned house as the dead rise from the nearby graveyard. Its impact on horror cinema is undeniable.

The Proposition
The Proposition

Diving into the realm of Westerns, “The Proposition” (2005) is an excellent pick. Set in the unforgiving outback, it’s a gritty and violent tale penned by musician Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat. Its impressive cast, including Guy Pearce and Ray Winstone, and riveting cinematography make it a compelling watch.

Short Term 12
Short Term 12

“Short Term 12” (2013) offers a powerful drama showcasing Brie Larson’s pre-Captain Marvel talent. Set in a group home for troubled teenagers, it’s a launchpad for a generation of stars like Lakeith Stanfield and Rami Malek. Larson’s moving performance gives depth to the emotionally charged narrative.

Sign o’ the Times
Sign o the Times min

“Sign o’ the Times” (1987) is a classic concert film that captures the electric persona of Prince. This film is an exciting testament to Prince’s talent and charisma, making it a must-see for music lovers.

Train to Busan
Train to Busan min

Lastly, the intense South Korean zombie thriller “Train to Busan” (2016) is worth checking out. Its simple yet effective premise of a zombie outbreak on a moving train has made it a global phenomenon. Its relentless energy and tension have set a new standard for the zombie genre.

Peacock’s rich film library caters to diverse cinematic tastes. Whether you’re a fan of suspense-filled thrillers, heartwarming dramas, or the surreal world of horror, Peacock has something to offer for every movie enthusiast.

Peacock Streaming Service FAQs Q1: What exactly is Peacock?

Answer 1: Peacock is an NBCUniversal streaming service. Movies, television episodes, news, sports, and even live events are just some of the many types of material offered by NBCUniversal and its affiliated companies.

What kinds of films can I see on Peacock?

Answer 2: Peacock has a large library with films from many different genres. Movies like “Knock at the Cabin,” “Tár,” “M3GAN,” and the original “Night of the Living Dead” from 1968 are among the best options as of May 2023. Watching “Nightbreed,” “Nosferatu the Vampyre,” or “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” on the platform will satisfy your inner horror movie buff. A few other titles worth mentioning include “Passion Fish,” “The Proposition,” and “Short Term 12.” Both dated fare like “Sophie’s Choice” and cutting-edge fare like “Train to Busan” and “Trust” may be seen on Peacock..

Is there a free version of Peacock?

Answer 3: Peacock has a free, ad-supported tier with a small amount of material. Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus are paid tiers that grant subscribers full access to the platform’s content catalog and ad-free viewing.

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Can I use Peacock to stream live TV?

Answer 4: Yes, Peacock does provide live TV from NBC’s networks, including news and sports. Your subscription and geographic location may determine whether or not you get access to live content.

Is Peacock available anywhere than the US? Q5.

The United States was the primary market for Peacock. Check the official Peacock website or get in touch with customer care for the most up-to-date details.

Can I stream Peacock on my Roku, Apple TV, or other smart device?

Most smart TVs, streaming boxes and sticks (like Roku and Amazon Fire TV), game consoles, mobile devices, and computers can all access Peacock. Check out the Peacock website for a complete rundown of supported hardware.

Can I stream in 4K using Peacock?

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Peacock does not have support for 4K streaming, therefore that’s answer number 7. Please refer to the Peacock website or get in touch with customer service for the latest recent details.

How many gadgets can I use with my Peacock account to stream at the same time?

A8: As of my most recent check, a single Peacock subscription may be used to stream on three different gadgets at once. Please refer to the Peacock website or get in touch with customer service for the latest recent details.

Parental controls for Peacock? Q9.

Peacock does offer parental settings so you may limit what your kids can watch based on their age. A personal identification number can be set up to restrict access to these preferences.

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