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Bow Wow Instagram a message For Groupies During The Pandemic

Bow Wow Lit Status

Rapper Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss) who is a known ladies man, just did something that shouldn’t be shocking to most, he got Instagram and called out groupies who are willing to risk their lives just to get up close and personal during a pandemic.

“They say it ain’t safe to fly. What do you hoes do? Get on the plane and take that [p***y] on a pandemic national tour. Hoes flying out more than ever now a days. They willing to die for a Cash App alert, new location, some hookah and [d**k.]”

bow wow ig

Bow Wow has had his share of issues with women over the years, starting with his on-again-off-again romance with Love and Hip-Hop star Erica Mena. Even though the couple broke it off in 2015, they still go back and forth at times with one another on social media.

It had gotten so bad between the two that he threatened to release a sex tape of her two years ago. 

Then there was the fight that Bow Wow had with ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie last year-both was arrested on battery and assault charges.

The police report stated that Leslie accused Bow Wow of starting the fight and hitting her while she defended herself against him. 

He also at one point, dated singer Ciara and dissed her on stage last year as well.

bow wow 1

Lately, the Bow Wow seems as if he may be trying to reform his image as he was seen as the “Frog” on  Fox’s “The Mask Singer” this season.

But you have to wonder after these latest comments if he may have opened up a new can of worms that will do more damage to his already fractured image.

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