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Fashion Nova: Turn a $50,000 Investment into a $350 Million Company Complete Insightful Guide

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Fashion Nova Success Road Map

Fashion is a cultural universal, and as time has gone on it has been easier for the average person to get their hands on some high fashion wares. This direct access to fashion that was once only accessible for the wealthy came about during the early 20th century as a result of a rise in middle class income. It started with brands producing cheaper versions of clothes from runway shows – called fast fashion – but eventually evolved into more affordable products altogether.

For the past decade, individuals have been spending less money on clothing. With the rise of fast fashion, many retailers have taken up this trend, including upstarts like Forever 21 and Missguided that pump out new clothes faster than their predecessors. Now another brand has emerged with the ambition and strategy to go even faster- Fashion Nova.

cardi b
The impact of fast fashion on trends

For the past century, people have been living with clothes that don’t fit. They either made them bespoke to their bodies or they got off-the-rack versions of what was fashionable at the time. Sewing machines and cheap labor gave us mass produced clothes that were still only available in limited styles. Fast forward to now. With 3D printing technology, we can produce clothes for individuals specific to their measurements without even sewing a stitch!

Retailers began to see a shift in the 1970s and 1980s when they started to offer cheaper looks for the masses. Zara, Topshop and H&M have been leaders in fast fashion by figuring out how to transform runway and editorial designs into cheaper versions for the masses in less than a month. From 1990-2000’s, retailers started seeing an increase in customers thanks to new technologies such as cable television and the internet.

If a certain trend goes underserved or completely unserved by a specific crop of retailers, new brands emerge to take a slice of the market. Forever 21, originally Fashion 21, opened in 1984 flipping South Korean designs for the underserved Korean-American community in Los Angeles. Nowadays UNIQLO is dominating the fashion industry with its innovative yet affordable products.

Fashion Nova was ahead of the game in creating trendy clothes for plus-size women. Plus-sized women are traditionally given clothing that’s adapted from designs originally created for people who wear regular sizes. This is not to say they don’t have any options, just that the options are limited and always adapting to fit the trend.

For years, the fast fashion industry has ignored one group of customers: Curvy women. These designers have largely failed to keep up with this huge demographic and manufacture clothes that are designed for their bodies. Now, finally, some brands are starting to see that there’s a lot of money to be made by designing clothes that actually fit their female customers’ bodies.

Fashion Nova began as a clothing company that sold affordable club attire in the mall of a Los Angeles-area suburb. The business needed to cater to a demographic that was neglected by other clothing companies, who typically catered to wealthier consumers. Plunging necklines and body-hugging dresses quickly became popular, and within a year of its launch, Fashion Nova has grown into a multimillion dollar operation with over 100 employees.

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Fashion Nova, a direct-to-consumer fast fashion retailer, known for their wide variety of clothing at competitive prices – has made waves in the industry with their inclusive, affordable models. As they’ve increased their line to include more day looks, like their extremely popular hourglass figure-friendly jeans, Fashion Nova became a cult favorite among women. As they grew in popularity, so did the Kim Kardashian phenomenon and the long overdue body positivity movement. As aspirational images of curvy women were being shared all over social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, Fashion Nova was there to provide them with everything they could need.

Fashion Nova sold out of their newest jeans, hourglass-figure-friendly jeans, and became a cult favorite overnight. It wasn’t long after that Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post about Fashion Nova went viral and the body positivity movement finally had some good publicity with images finally portraying curvy women as attractive and desirable.

“All our other competitors were always using the same models over and over,” “We thought we could be a little different by celebrating body positivity and using curvier girls and the customers liked it.” – Fashion Nova founder Richard Saghian

Before launching his eCommerce site, Saghian had 60,000 followers on Instagram. He was unsure of the move from brick-and-mortar to digital at first – but once he made the switch, it became apparent why. “I had 60,000 followers on Instagram before I launched the site, I kept delaying it because I don’t think I believed it was going to do this well.”

For years, Saghian only ran the store in L.A., but never took it online. That changed when customers started asking for clothes they couldn’t find in their neighborhood store. The company launched its e-commerce site two weeks before Black Friday 2013, and sold out within hours.

Flood the Feed with Content

Saghian is a young, forward-thinking designer that was quick to catch on to Instagram as a way of selling clothes. Recognizing the benefits of this platform from the start, he posted frequently about his best-selling items and found an opportunity for creativity in blogging about them. With 600 to 900 new items added weekly, there is always something new to post.

“It’s important to have a lot of styles because our customers post so much online and need new clothes. We don’t want girls showing up to the club in the same outfit. We need 50 different denim jackets. Not just one,” – Saghian 

When it comes to social media, there’s a lot that goes into the world of digital marketing. One of the most important aspects is posting content that your audience wants to see. While some believe that posting too often is a major turn-off for followers, others have found contradictory evidence in a report released last year. Social Media Today found that brands with multiple posts each day don’t negatively affect their brand or engagement rates.

Fashion Nova posts a minimum of nine to a maximum of 30 posts on Instagram daily. They have the highest average daily engagement rates and post four times as much as DoubleAgent, which only posts about three times a day.

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In a time when consumers expect brands to be present in their online spaces, brands have found new ways to reach and engage with audiences. Consumers have become accustomed to getting access to the latest products and information about their favorite brands on social media. Brands have begun to post more frequently with a sharing strategy that is primarily focused on engagement through curated content.

The Evolution of Influencers

Saghian’s company has been growing rapidly for the past two years. In March 2016, the company announced that it had become a billion dollar business. With this rapid growth will come a lot more opportunity to spend money on advertising and promotion of their brand. They have already started spending a lot of money on celebrities – Blac Chyna and Christina Milian are paid partners with the site. Saghian plans to continue making these sorts of partnerships as they grow, but Kylie and Kris Jenner are the only members of the Kardashian family who currently partner with Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova is a fashion brand that has mastered the art of influencer marketing. They have a network of thousands of influencers who often refer to themselves as ‘brand ambassadors’. These individuals are most often people with large audiences from their past social media posts, and Fashion Nova pays them to promote their items. The true bread-and-butter of their strategy, though is a combination of tiered influencers and a brand growth pipeline for those submitting user generated content.

Fashion Nova is always looking for ways to involve their customers in their business. They created the #NovaBabes hashtag so that users of Fashion Nova can share their own unique testimonies with the company, tag photos on Instagram with #NovaBabes, and maybe become an ambassador for Fashion Nova!

Fashion Nova has always been ahead of the trend when it comes to influencer marketing. They were one of the first companies to work with Cardi B long before she was mega-famous – back when she was just a mid-level Vine and Instagram star, not yet even on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York. Fashion Nova is proud to be in tune with the ever-changing nature of social media because this understanding allows them to create relationships with influential individuals early, before they are mainstream celebrities. That way, when these influencers break out, Fashion Nova has already established a relationship with them…..

fashionnova cardib

“Before she even started her musical career, she was shopping Fashion Nova,” Saghian told Paper.

Fashion Nova is a fast-fashion retailer, and for the past several years they’ve been on a roll. They’ve established themselves as the go-to brand for celebrities such as Cardi B, who frequently wears their designs on social media. That’s paid off: in 2018, Cardi released her own line with Fashion Nova, which sold out in only 82 minutes!

megan pic

Megan the Stallion’s first fashion collection was released on November 8, 2018. The collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets that are all white with Megan the Stallion’s signature branding in black. Within 24 hours of release, the debut collection has garnered $1.2 million worth of sales.

Transition from Influencer Marketing to Having Influence

Fashion Nova is a millennial brand, but their blend of authenticity and influence has made them a favorite across generations. One study found that Fashion Nova has the sixth fastest-growing apparel business in America. The company saw an increase in sales by more than 450 percent from 2016 to 2018. In the Spring 2019 teen survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, Fashion Nova was voted into the top five most popular online clothing stores for girls.

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Fashion Nova is ahead of the pack in identifying micro-influencers as an important marketing tactic. The company understands that influencers are losing their sheen and authenticity is difficult to discern. Influencers with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram have had their engagement rates drop by 35 percent. As micro-influencers (those with 10,000 followers or less) become more popular, companies like Fashion Nova are taking notice.

Fashion Nova is a global fashion brand that uses multiple different types of influencer marketing to reach different audiences. The idea is to create a wide array of celebrities and everyday people to appeal to all demographics and make the campaign less top-heavy. When it comes to advertising, they understand that an appealing product can be sold with strong marketing; however, they also want their message to come from trustworthy sources, which is why they use a variety of influencers under various categories like beauty, makeup tutorials, fitness, and more.

Fashion Nova is one of the most popular clothing sites on Instagram with over 15.5 million followers. They’re using their UGC to create symbiotic brand growth and it’s working- their social media presence has grown exponentially in recent months and they credit this to UGC. They post an average of six times a day and engage with their audience by replying to comments and tagging people who they think would be interested in what they’re posting. Their biggest strength is creating partnerships with emerging influencers for collaborations, which often doesn’t cost them anything because they are simply reposting content from other people.

Fashion Nova has found success by diversifying their marketing strategy. The brand’s option to be less reliant on macro-influencers is the result of a UGC and micro-influencer strategy. UGC stands for “user generated content” – this means using content created by the customer as opposed to one created by the company.

Things to think about!

Within five years, Fashion Nova has grown to become one of the most popular brands in the United States. The brand’s success can be attributed to following their core demographic, women with a previously unappreciated silhouette. They have also thrived by listening to their customer’s needs and serving them perfectly on Instagram, which allowed them to grow a loyal following.

Instagram is the perfect platform for fashion brands like Fashion Nova because it allows an audience to place themselves in their favorite pair of jeans or even try on a dress. This brand has quickly risen to popularity by using Instagram to become the go-to for women who want affordable, yet stylish clothes.

Nurturing a Niche Audience

When it comes to finding audiences on social media, you can’t get them all. With so many users across the span of different platforms, it’s difficult to be seen by everyone. At Fashion Nova, they found one audience they wanted to serve- people who rarely use social media. To reach this audience they crafted concise stories that gave their followers a glimpse into their lives. Starting with about 60,000 Instagram followers, Fashion Nova is one of many brands that are getting ahead of established players by finding an underserved audience.

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Controlling the Hype of a Marketing Campaign

Fashion Nova’s strategy for success is kind of genius: they use Instagram to get people excited about a release, and then quickly mass produce the clothes. With a streamlined production process, Fashion Nova can deliver on the hype before it dies down and many pieces sell out shortly after launch as a result.

You Should be Posting More

Fashion Nova’s high-frequency of social media posts has become a powerful marketing tactic for the company. Their heavy daily posting is in line with their hype machine; followers are constantly bombarded with new styles to buy, and if you miss anything it may be gone forever. Fashion Nova’s strategy of using 20-30 posts each day fits nicely into their desire to keep customers engaged and purchase more often.

Why Influencer Marketing is the Big thing in AdvertisIng

Fashion Nova is one of the fastest growing brands in the world, but what has led them to success? How does this company afford to pay Kylie Jenner millions of dollars when they know she’s going to leave for a better offer sooner or later? Fashion Nova has found that their success relies on both celebrity endorsements and micro-influencers. They want to have a broad reach with a diverse audience and a wider exposure for their products. They find it more cost-effective to rely on a select few celebrities and micro-influencers who receive discounts and free product in exchange for their promotion of the brand.

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