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First look At Casio g shock virtual world collection

G SHOCK’s Newest Watch Collection for 2021

G SHOCK recognizes that the digital world is taking over and the best way to capture this future is to put it on your wrist. The Virtual World collection celebrates the immersive potential of our virtual reality experiences with a new timepiece design and high-tech features.

From the feeling of anticipation for V.R., to the color schemes- “Stellar Blue” and “Blue Violet”- the inspiration behind this collection is evident. With sleek, minimalist design and an array of rich colors, this watch allows you to represent your personal style at every turn.

The GA2100VB-1A timepiece, the hero of the watch collection reimagined in the style of virtual reality, enters with a futuristic feel to it. Sporting a multi-colored face that will give your wrist a high-tech look, this watch is for those who want to seamlessly blend their analog and digital lives together with one timepiece.

High-quality timepieces

The G SHOCK offers a diverse line of high-quality timepieces for extreme environments, from the deep sea to outer space, from the searing heat of desert warfare to the freezing cold of Antarctic exploration. The watch features a flexible modular design that allows the wearer to customize the look and feel of their timepiece depending on their environment.

The new G Shock Rangeman GW9400-4A is an analog and digital watch with a unique hand-shifting function. This innovative design allows the wearer to move the hands out of the way of the digital display, which is an industry first for G Shock watches.

The GW9400-4A also features high-sensitivity GPS to map its position, Bluetooth technology to sync wirelessly with smartphones, submersible water resistance up to 200 meters/656 feet, solar power, world time in 48 cities, stopwatch, countdown timer, five daily alarms, full auto-calendar (day/date),…..


For both women and men, the new Blue Violet watches feature a small, round case that clocks in at 35mm or 40mm. The hands-on each watch use a completely different design while still remaining tied to the theme of the series.

The ultimate accessory for any fashion

This collection is an impressive timepiece with a variety of functions to make it the ultimate accessory for any fashionable, professional. From its sleek yet durable stainless steel construction to its multiple alarms that are set to ensure you never have an excuse for being late, this watch has everything you need to keep your life on track.

G SHOCK’s new Virtual World collection will take your experience to the next level with a revolutionary design. Aptly named “Virtual Reality”, G SHOCK has made it their mission to provide unparalleled designs that push the boundaries of timekeeping and look great doing it!

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Choose from a variety of designs and colors, whether you’re looking for a digital display with a sleek band or a more traditional analog-style watch.

FAQ about G-SHOCK The Virtual World Collection

Q: What is G-SHOCK The Virtual World Collection?
A: G-SHOCK The Virtual World Collection is a series of watches introduced by G-SHOCK, a renowned brand known for its durable and rugged timepieces. The collection draws inspiration from the virtual reality (VR) world, featuring designs that capture the lively color combinations seen in virtual reality concerts, events, and video games. The watches in this collection incorporate the toughness and popular designs of G-SHOCK’s GA2100, GA700, and GA900 models [1].

Q: What are the main features of G-SHOCK The Virtual World watches?
A: The G-SHOCK The Virtual World watches combine analog-digital functionality with vibrant virtual reality-inspired designs. Key features of these watches include:

  1. Analog-Digital Display: The watches feature both analog and digital displays, offering the convenience of both timekeeping formats.
  2. Vibrant Color Combinations: The watches in this collection showcase lively color combinations reminiscent of the virtual reality world, adding a bold and eye-catching aesthetic.
  3. Signature Toughness: G-SHOCK watches are known for their robust construction, shock resistance, and water resistance. The Virtual World collection retains these durable qualities.
  4. Popular Models: The Virtual World collection incorporates the designs and features of G-SHOCK’s popular models, such as the GA2100, GA700, and GA900, ensuring a blend of style and functionality.

Q: Where can I purchase G-SHOCK The Virtual World watches?
A: G-SHOCK watches, including The Virtual World collection, are available for purchase through various channels. You can check authorized G-SHOCK retailers, both physical stores and online platforms, to explore the availability of the collection. Additionally, the official G-SHOCK website and select online retailers may offer the Virtual World watches for purchase.

Q: Are G-SHOCK The Virtual World watches limited edition?
A: The availability and limited edition status of G-SHOCK The Virtual World watches may vary. While specific information about the limited edition nature of the Virtual World collection is not provided in the search results, G-SHOCK has a history of releasing limited edition watches. It’s recommended to refer to official G-SHOCK announcements, authorized retailers, or the official G-SHOCK website for the latest information on limited edition releases.

Q: Can I use G-SHOCK The Virtual World watches in virtual reality?
A: G-SHOCK The Virtual World watches draw inspiration from virtual reality aesthetics but do not offer direct virtual reality functionality. These watches are primarily designed as stylish timepieces with virtual reality-inspired designs, combining G-SHOCK’s toughness with vibrant colors seen in the virtual reality world.

Please note that the information provided is based on the search results from November 2021. It’s advisable to refer to official sources, check the latest announcements, and visit authorized retailers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on G-SHOCK The Virtual World Collection.

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