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Ghost Song | Tough Times in Houston (VICE)

The Cutthroat Streets of Houston, Texas

Beautifully shot and edited, Ghost Song takes us into the lives of two very different Houstonians. A moving portrayal of the city and its inhabitants, set against the backdrop of Hurricane Harvey, the film captures the complexity of human experience in all its rawness.

Characters OMB Bloodbath and Will are depicted in the film, both of whom reside in the same city but lead quite different lives. Third Ward rapper OMB Bloodbath is grieving the loss of her mentor and buddy, Kenny Lou. The Third Ward is home to a large African-American population. On the other hand, wealthy-area native Will has his own demons to face, including addiction and his family’s past. The shared sky and soundtrack unite the two protagonists despite their diverse upbringings. They are able to break down barriers of race, class, and culture through the universal language of music.

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Nicolas Peduzzi, the film’s director, is a skilled French actor and director who is enthusiastic about diving into new worlds and personalities. Nicolas was born in Paris in 1982, and he moved to New York to study theater and film. In addition to directing a number of short films and music videos, he has also collaborated with major players like Luc Bondy. Nicolas has previously shown his talent for capturing his subjects’ personalities and bringing their stories to life in his debut feature-length documentary, Southern Belle.

His most recent film, Ghost Song, had its world premiere in the ACID section at the Cannes Film Festival and has since received widespread acclaim for its affecting story and stellar cast. Anyone curious about the nuances of life in Houston, Texas, or how music can unite people of different backgrounds should definitely check out this film.

In sum, Ghost Song is a masterfully made film that probes the human experience in ways that are both emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating. Nicolas Peduzzi, the film’s director, has a gift for capturing his subjects’ personalities and breathing life into their stories, and this film is no exception. Anyone interested in documentaries, music, or just good stories will find much to appreciate in Ghost Song.

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