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God Is Dope: A Cult Hit Among the Cool Faithful

God is Dope
How God Is Dope Become a Successful Clothing Line

Sharod Simpson was navigating the uncharted waters of creating a clothing line and named his company God Is Dope. He faced doubt and criticism from friends and family, but he knew his name choice was perfect and pulled through.

Our name is God Is Dope. We are an apparel line that uses bold, timeless designs to inspire people to live their best life. We believe that the word “God” has been used and abused by people who want power and we want to reclaim it for something beautiful. We want our clothes to tell a story and be a conversation starter.

Sharod Simpson had always dreamed of starting his own fashion line. But he knew the name he wanted for his brand wouldn’t be easy to sell. When Sharod told a friend in the fashion industry about his plans, he got an unexpected response.

Started in the summer of 2015, GOD IS DOPE’s goal is to use fashion and entertainment to generate faith-based awareness. What started as a phrase turned into shirts, hats, and sportswear that capture the attention of both athletes and entertainers alike!

God is Dope merchandise stresses the “cool” factor. It’s not just an expression of their faith, but also a fashion statement that will get people talking. Customers say God Is Dope is different because it uses dope, less religious-focused designs that are more aesthetically pleasing than other Faith-based apparel brands.

Sharod Simpson 2

When Sharod created his business, he was 27 and fresh out of school. He designed a catchy logo and printed it on a shirt that he would wear around town. It took off like wildfire and now he has a staff of 35 and is still wearing the brand’s original (and only) t-shirt with pride.

“I was 27 at the time. I designed a logo, printed it on a shirt and wore it around town” – Sharod Simpson

I need to take this seriously. Everything started out as a joke, but then I realized that it was actually a pretty helpful reminder for myself. So, I made a logo and printed it on a shirt and wore it around town. It felt really good just being able to wear something that said “God Is Dope.” wherever I went.

“If I saw 30 people throughout the day, at least 20 people would ask me where I got the shirt,” Simpson says. “Nothing I ever wore got that type of reaction, so, I thought, I need to take this seriously.” – Sharod Simpson

When he first ordered the shirts, he was on top of the world. He had just cashed in his $25,000 savings and invested it all into 5,000 t-shirts that would bear his company’s logo. Two weeks later- anxiety has set in as he stares down five boxes that have just been delivered from the manufacturer.

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When Sharod graduated from college with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship, he was quickly faced with the reality of trying to make it as an entrepreneur. He found himself wondering how he was going to sell all of his shirts, until one day he came to the realization that selling them at places where people are often walking by or congregating would be successful.

Two weeks after introducing his new shirts, sales had skyrocketed! With success came the opportunity to invest in advertising by renting a billboard and plastering God is Dope. across it. Social media followers swelled, and soon enough he opened up a flagship store to further grow the company.

The brand that started in the USA is gaining exposure overseas, too. Sharod’s friend, Dane Caston, says he wore the shirt, and “people were hitting us up in Indonesia like, ‘Can we have the shirts? We just want the shirts.’” Sometimes. The success of the brand is global.

“Ideas are worth so much more than what people can see in the beginning,” – Sharod Simpson

With national chains knocking on his door at the age of 36, Sharod is now in a tough spot. On one hand, he wants to grow his brand and have his clothes seen by more people. But, on the other hand, it would mean having less control over the quality of production.

No, God Is Dope is not just a clothing line! It’s an exploration of culture, race, identity and the great American experience. The brand is about so much more than clothes- it’s about spreading messages that challenge people to be unique in their approach to life.

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