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HAPEBEAST nFT’S Next Generation 8K


HAPEBEEAST Prime is a new art project by Matt Sypien. A ‘new art’ and fashion playground from London-based studio Digimental, these 8K unique NFTs explore a future in which humans live in the wild and interact with animals as equals.

 The project’s goal is to create an unprecedented level of detail in the artwork. The HAPES NFT drop will allow individuals to collect and trade digital assets that represent brands, styles, and trends – these items can be traded both online and in person. I’m very excited about the HAPES project. 

There is a merge with fashion in this NFT drop – learn more at This drop will happen in December.

FAQ about HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs

Q: What are HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs?
A: HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs refer to a collection of unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are designed to promote and unite style, technology, and community [1]. These NFTs represent a merger of fashion and digital art, creating a new way for fashion enthusiasts and collectors to engage with the brand.

Q: What makes HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs unique?
A: The uniqueness of HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs lies in their combination of fashion and technology. These NFTs are designed to showcase the creativity and style of the brand, allowing collectors to own exclusive digital assets that represent the next generation of fashion [1]. The 8,192 unique NFTs released in this collection offer a limited edition and exclusive opportunity for collectors and fans of the brand.

Q: How can I learn more about HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs?
A: To learn more about HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs, you can visit the official website of HAPEBEAST ( [1]. The website will provide you with detailed information about the collection, including the release date, the process of acquiring the NFTs, and any updates or announcements related to the project.

Q: When were the HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs released?
A: The initial drop of HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs was released in December 2021 [1]. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the release and availability of these NFTs, it is recommended to visit the official HAPEBEAST website or follow their official social media channels for any recent updates.

Please note that the information provided is based on the search results from December 2021. It’s advisable to refer to official sources, updated announcements, and other reputable resources for the most current and comprehensive information about HAPEBEAST 8K Next-Generation NFTs.

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