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How Social Media Is Being Used to Fight Racial Injustice

Amy Cooper

Social media platforms started as a way of communicating with each other. Facebook and Twitter, two of the most used social media sites, have not only been used as a way to communicate, but they have now become how people have used to fight racial injustice in the world.

For example, recently, a woman in New York City, Amy Cooper, was caught on tape by an African-American man named Chris Cooper for not having her dog on a leash when she was walking her dog through Central Park.

The video showed Amy Cooper calling the police on Chris Cooper for threatening her, which he didn’t. Chris Cooper just wanted her to follow the rules of the park. Instead, however, the video of Amy Cooper went viral, and she lost not only her job but her dog as well.

People were outraged by Amy Cooper’s treatment of Chris Cooper and her dog, that before the day was over, people who saw the video found out who she was, where she worked, and where she got her dog.

Cooper complained about her life being ruined, but later admitted and apologized for what she had done. Chris Cooper said then that he didn’t expect nor wanted Amy Cooper’s life to be ruined, but he did accept her apology.

George Floyd’s murder at the hands of the Minneapolis Police was also caught on tape, and so was the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. You have to wonder if any of these events weren’t caught on tape, would the people involved have gotten away with their crimes?

The civil rights movement didn’t make a real impact on American society until Americans were able to see the abuse that African-Americans suffered at the hands of police officers on their televisions every night. 

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The same may be going on today with social media. We might not have been able to see the racial injustices still going on in the world if it was not for social media.

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