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Lamar Odom, NBA Legend and Former LA Laker, Wins Celebrity Boxing Match

Celebrity Boxing Match Highlights Lamar Odom Wins

Lamar Joseph Odom, the former American basketball player, wins another celebrity boxing match. He defeated Ojani Noa, the ex-husband of another celebrity Jennifer Lopez.

Noa could not get a chance to make a strong defense against Odom. If you try to remember, you will see that just a few months ago, Odom beat Aaron Carter. But this time Odom seems more skilled and improved than before. You can put a handful of appraisement this time just for his valorous punches and intelligent moves.

After three rounds, Odom won the match via decision. Some highlights will help you to clearly understand how he won. This day he looked very confident too

Lamar and Aaron traded blows in the ring (Picture: Getty)
Lamar and Aaron traded blows in the ring (Picture: Getty)

The “Official Celebrity Boxing” promotion is just one of those companies trying to get in on the action. The next match up for this company features two celebrities from completely different backgrounds: the pop singer, Aaron Carter and American professional basketball player, Lamar Odom.

If you aren’t familiar with these men, then maybe you would have a good idea why this match up is so ridiculous. The fighters have almost nothing in common and while their fighting skills may be a wash, you can bet that this fight will be a real show! It’s almost like a celebrity boxing match has become the newest must-watch TV event.

Every few months, you’ll see a new one pop up on your Google feed and it gets you excited. But, there is a distinct difference between watching a celebrity boxing match and going to one. At a boxing event, you have no idea who’s going to be in there or whether or not they actually know what they’re doing.

You don’t know anything about the promotion company other than it includes some celebrities, which will likely give them more attention from mainstream media sources. Plus, those celebrities are probably just as clueless as you are as to how to hold their hands properly.

Boxing is a pretty brutal sport already, and adding celebrities to the mix just makes it ridiculous. There needs to be some sort of standard that needs to be upheld in boxing – that’s what I’m here for.

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Celebrity boxing matches have been around for a while, but it seemed to get a little confusing when promotion decided to have two fighters with no boxing experience whatsoever. But thanks to the upcoming “Official Celebrity Boxing” event, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

All fighters in this promotion are trained professionals and will be monitored closely by a medical team at all times. Celebrities are celebrities for a reason. They know how to market themselves and they always have people who want to read about them.

The only downside is that not all celebrities are good fighters. Enter “Official Celebrity Boxing.” This promotion has seen some success so far with Lamar Odom’s boxing debut against Aaron Carter. Have you ever wanted to watch a celebrity boxing match?

You will soon get that chance. The ‘Official Celebrity Boxing’ promotion has just announced that they have their next match-up booked with rapper 50 Cent fighting against actor Andrew Dice Clay.

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