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Master P’s 9 Most Notable Businesses

Percy Miller, better known as Master P, became a nationwide success as a rapper and through the ownership of his music label, No Limit Records. Miller wouldn’t settle for just being music mogul, so he went on to create dozens of other businesses throughout the years. He’s also used his platform to inspire other entrepreneurs and to encourage his peers to give back to the community.

Master P was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2001 for being the highest-paid rapper in hip-hop history with a net worth of over $400 Million. The collapse of No Limit Records and the divorce his wife Sonya Miller, the mother of seven of his children, has reduced his fortune. However, Master P is still reportedly worth over $200 Million.

Master P’s Business Ventures

No Limit Records Logo

No Limit Records

In 1991, Master P founded his independent label, No Limit Records. What started as him selling CDs out of the trunk of his car, grew into one of the most successful black-owned record labels of all time. Other than himself, the most prominent acts to sign to no limit were Snoop Dogg, Mystical, Silkk the Shocker, C-Murder, and Master P’s son Romeo Miller.

During No Limit’s run, the label was able to sell over 80 million albums worldwide, which is estimated to have earned Master P over $350 million. 

No Limit Records Clothing - T-Shirt

No Limit Clothing

As Master P’s record label began to take off, he quickly began to create other businesses to capitalize on the label’s success. One of the first side ventures was the No Limit Clothing line.

The original shirt featured the No Limit tank logo, but later included many other designs often based on album cover artwork. At first, fans could only buy it as concert tour merchandise or through mail order, but then it became available in independent retail outlets and department store chains.

No Limit Films

No Limit Films

Master P used the same independent retail outlets that were selling No Limit’s music and clothing to distribute No Limit Films first straight-to-video release, I’m Bout It. He was able to sell over 220,000 copies of the film in its first week without a major distribution deal.

No Limit’s first feature film, I Got The Hookup, made over $10 Million at the box office, which was more than triple it’s 3.5 million production cost. Master P then signed a deal with Artisan Pictures, but none of the later film releases would match the success of I Got The Hookup.

No Limit Sports Management Logo

No Limit Sports Management

Master P was also a pretty decent basketball player. In 1998, he signed with Charlotte Hornets, and in 1999 he played for the Toronto Raptors. There is rare footage of him wearing a #17 Miller uniform for the Raptors, where he made 2-three pointers, a layup, and a block. Unfortunately, neither of the NBA teams he tried out for signed him to play in the regular season.

Rare Footage Of Master P Playing For Toronto Raptors

A Bad Signing Tanks The Company

Undeterred, Master P went on to create the No Limit Sports Management (NLSM) company. In the NBA, the company signed Sam Cassell, Ron Mercer, Derek Anderson, Isaiah Rider, and Brian Shaw. NLSM made a splash in the NFL by signing a star running back, Ricky Williams.

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NLSM was an unsuccessful business venture for Master P. The company received criticism for allowing Williams to sign one of the “worst contracts in NFL history,” in which he received $11 million less than the rookie running back that signed before him.

P.M. Properties / MP Realty

Master P is also a real estate mogul. Through his real estate companies, Master P has bought and sold various properties, from mansions to fixer-uppers. PM Properties, the property management company, managed properties that housed hundreds of tenants.   

Big Poppa Burgers

Big Poppa Burgers

In 2019, Master P opened up a franchise restaurant called Big Poppa Burgers in hometown of New Orleans, Louisana. The name “Big Poppa” refers to his grandfather, who is responsible for the “secret sauce” and other recipes.

Master P Promotes Big Poppa Burgers On Fox 8 News

The restaurant sells burgers, chicken & waffles, sandwiches, fries, and shakes.  Big Poppa Burgers has received positive reviews with a 4/5 on Google, 3.5/5 on Grubhub, and 3/5 on Yelp at the time of writing.

Moneyatti Logo


In 2018, Master P launched Moneyatti, a luxury brand that sells shoes, clothes, and other fashion accessories. Moneyatti stands for “Motivating Oneself Now Encourages You Actively To Think Independently.”

Zion Williamson Offered Shoe Deal

Master P offered Zion Williamson, the number one pick of 2019 NBA Draft, a $20 Million contract to sign to his shoe line. Each shoe is made-to-order using Italian leather and other high-quality material and then shipped out in one to two weeks. Zion chose to sign a 5-year contract with the Jordan brand for $75 million instead.

Moneyatti’s sneakers sell for between $264 and $309, which put it above the retail price of a new pair of Jordans or Yeezys.

Rap Snacks

Rap Noodles

In late 2019, “Chef Boyar P,” announced the launch of his newest product, Rap Noodles. Rap Noodles are a variety of “ICON” ramen noodles with different rappers on the cover.

Current Rap Noodle flavors include Boosie – Louisiana Hot & Spicy Chicken,  Master P – Creamy Chicken Gumbo, E-40 – Prime Rib, and Romeo Miller – Veggie Medley.

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Master P created Rap Noodles in partnership with a 17-year-old brand called Rap Snacks. Rap Snacks was created by James Lindsay in 1994 and featured a variety of rap acts on different potato chip flavors. Artists that currently have their own Rap Snacks potato chip flavor include Lil Boosie, Romeo Miller, Migos, Lil Yachty, Trina, The Notorious BIG, and Cardi B.

Rap Noodles are currently available at select Save-A-Lot and 7-Eleven stores. You can buy some on eBay if it’s not available in your area.

Uncle P's White Rice

Uncle P’s

In response to food brands such as Uncle Ben’s that have black characters on the cover, but aren’t owned by black people, Master P created “Uncle P’s.” Louisiana seasoned white rice, brown rice, and red beans & rice.

“We never knew who Uncle Ben was. So when I figured this guy was a model from the 1940s. So all of that money we put in, none of it ever came back to our community.”

Other Reported Businesses

Master P also created Money Mafia Clothing, No Limit Communications, a phone-sex business, an energy drink called Make Em Say Ughh!, and many others. When his ex-wife filed for divorce in 2014, he reportedly owned 45 companies and 31 properties.

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