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Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Is challenging Logan Paul To Fight

Mike Tyson VS Logan Paul

Boxing legend Mike Tyson threw a challenge as he claimed that he would have fought Logan Paul, and it had Logan’s name all over it. In the now-deleted video, Logan boasted about how much money he was going to make out of the fight, with Tyson taking 60% due to his unbeaten boxing career. It has been reported that the fight would have made approximately $2 million.

What do you get when two of the world’s most popular athletes come together over the internet to throw down some challenges? You get a battle of epic proportions! This is what happened on Twitter.

Tyson Has Challenged Logan

Mike Tyson has challenged Logan Paul to a boxing match after he posted on Instagram that he was almost ready for his comeback fight. While it’s not likely that this will happen anytime soon, this leads us to ask who would win in a fight out of these two powerhouses?

Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller
Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller

We’ll let you know our thoughts below. The boxing legend on Monday threw a challenge for the YouTube star Logan Paul, who recently caused an uproar with his posting on social media of a video of him in Japan’s so-called “suicide forest,” where he tasered dead rats and picked up a hanging body.

Old Beefs Are Coming Back To Light

In the past few days, the internet has been going crazy with a fight that might have taken place. That’s right: Mike Tyson and Logan Paul were offered to fight and both responded by saying they would be down for it.

The two of them started making comments on social media and we all thought we were going to see them fight. But unfortunately it turns out this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. All of the drama is fake.

Tyson later tweeted that no contracts were drawn up nor any terms hashed out, and there is no date for the fight as of yet. If you didn’t know, Logan Paul is a Youtube personality who’s come under considerable fire recently for posting a video of apparent suicide victim in the Aokigahara forest in Japan.

Mike Tyson Threw A Challenge

Mike Tyson publicly challenged him to a fight that would lead to millions. “If Logan Paul really cared about Japanese culture he would have spent the last half hour of his life with his hand over his heart, looking at an emperor’s tomb instead of filming himself at the place where so many people have tragically choose to take their lives.

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” Enough is enough. You can’t be disrespectful to their culture and not get at least one good smack upside your head. I’m pretty sure if he was going to fight me I would knock him out in two seconds! Mike Tyson Threw A Challenge As He Claimed That He Would Have Fought Logan Paul As It Leads Huge Money

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