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Nelk Boys – Reasons Why You Should Buy Their Merch

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Nelk Boys Global Take Over

Nelk Boys is a group of friends who have been making videos on YouTube since 2013. They are known for their vlogs, pranks and comedy sketches. Their content is mostly based around their daily lives but they have also done videos about their travels together.

Over the years, Nelk has grown into a full-fledged entertainment company producing music videos, commercials, original series and more. The main Nelk Boys are Jesse Sebastiani, Kyle Forgeard and Steve Deleonardis.

The Nelk Boys are among the biggest celebrities on Youtube today. Known for their pranks, parties and crude humor, they’re often thought of as being similar to the bad-boy actors of Hollywood’s golden age. But unlike those actors, the YouTubers have thrived on controversy. 


The Nelk Boys are the first YouTubers I’ve ever heard of that don’t run ads on their channel. They seem to be doing just fine, though. The channel has just north of seven million subscribers, and most videos garner well over a million views each. It seems like such a waste to not capitalize on such high viewership, but it isn’t my money.

The Nelk boys channel has been a YouTube hit since it debuted with a focus on rowdy videos and pranks that sometimes promote illegal activities. The popular Youtuber’s wild video “We’re Going to Destroy Someone’s Car for $5” has been viewed more than two million times, but the channel also uses the website as a way to solicit money from viewers for their next party or prank.

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YouTube is always excited to work with content creators that adhere to the Community Guidelines. “YouTube doesn’t want viewers exposed to unsafe content so it’s up to us as content creators to be vigilant about what we post and how its presented.” – Nelk

“Every video, we’re swearing, we’re doing some stuff that could be questionable or illegal, we’re making sexual references or drug references,” “So we were making no money on YouTube at all.” – Kyle Forgeard

As a clothing company “Full Send” prides itself on producing the highest quality products, The Nelk boys apparel is excited to announce their latest line of t-shirts and hoodies. They also offer a variety of accessories to complement your outfits which include backpacks, beanies, ballcaps and more.

The latest clothing line offers designs that are sure to be a hit with their target market including college students, professionals, and young people in general. This new product line is just another step in fulfilling our mission to be an industry leader in producing quality products at affordable prices.

Nelk is a lifestyle brand, and instead of selling six million fans on anything in particular – they’ve sold them on the Nelk way of life. Nelk is a state of mind and a growing suite of subscriptions and products all summed up by “full send.”

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“It started out meaning party hard, but now it’s evolved into, ‘Any activity you do, give it your absolute best, if you’re in the gym, you got to full send in the gym.” Mr. Forgeard

The Nelk Boys corporate office design is no longer an afterthought, and companies are taking a holistic approach to designing the workspace that will help attract and retain the best talent. Their open office layout is a great example of this trend — one where every employee has the opportunity to work together as well as collaborate with other departments.

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It’s no longer enough to create a space for your employees; you also need to foster creativity, innovation and collaboration by building an environment where employees can grow personally and professionally.

Recent Full Send sales have been so impressive that Nelk, a business that started in 2013, could surpass $70 million this year! The company has a unique product – officially licensed merch from Full Send. And if you thought being a Youtuber would be enough to get rich, think again. Sales of the merch have been going well since the company’s launch in 2013, with $50 million worth sold last year.

The Nelk is making their big entrance into the beverage industry with cans of their own hard seltzer. The group has been around for awhile now, but this will be their first venture into the beverage industry.

happy dad party

The Happy Dad hard seltzer line has recently had a lot of success. With the help of their followers, this drink has been able to sell out in stores and online. After being released in June, many people lined up outside liquor shops in California to get a chance to meet the creators, and the drink sold out after only a few days.

“YouTube money is pennies compared to building businesses like a seltzer, We’re not going to sacrifice our content or change to make $500,000 a month from YouTube. Maybe in the short term we’re not buying Lambos like other YouTubers, but we could have a multibillion-dollar business on our hands with this hard seltzer.” – Mr. Forgeard

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The boys have been on tour for the past few weeks, traveling all over the country to promote “Happy Dad”. They have also been meeting with fans and crashing parties.

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