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Nike’s “Oreo” Adapt BB 2.0 Makes Self-Lacing Shoes Practical

Self-Lacing Shoes - Nike Adapte BB 2.0 Oreo - 1

The number 1 shoe company in the world just came out with their latest self-lacing shoes: the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 ‘Oreo’ colorway. Nike has always been ahead of the curve in terms of shoe innovations, and this time is no different. 

These Self-Lacing Shoes Come with an Awesome App

At first glance, the shoe looks like any other sneaker, but this is Nike, so you know the shoe comes with a few extra features that no other shoe on the market has. All of the Nike Adapt self-lacing shoes connect to an app that allows you to fine-tune the fit, adjust lighting, change presets, and more with your smartphone!

The Sleek Yet Minimalist Design

The shoe looks kinda like an Oreo with a “cookies-and-cream” type look with its black and white exterior and interior. The shoe has the traditional Nike swish on the side with black front laces on top of the white tongue of the shoe.

It’s a minimalist look for sure; however, that is the look Nike was going for. The key attraction is not the design, but that you don’t have to lace up the shoe.  

How much will a pair of Nike’s newest self-lacing shoes cost?

The retail price for this shoe will run you about $400, so save your coins if you want a pair of these bad boys.

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