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The Independent Filmmaking Careers Of Bobby Washington And Cindy Jay, Known As Dub Films
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Bobby Washington and Cindy Jay are not just accomplished actors, but also successful independents through their production company B Dub Films. Founded in 2010, B Dub Films has garnered praise for its innovative and intellectually stimulating popular black movies on Tubi, including genres such as comedies, dramas, and thrillers.

B Dub Films

Bobby and Cindy established Dub Films in 2010 with the intention of making innovative and intellectually stimulating indie films. The studio’s filmography includes comedies, dramas, and thrillers of varying styles.

Critically praised drama “Eye iWatch” is one of thier most popular works to date available on all streaming platforms including Tubi for FREE. The film follows a young family as they deal with relationship issues while being followed by a mystery and obsessed stranger. Both fans and critics flocked to see “Eye iWatch” all around the globe.

eye watch

Steel Chamber, a film from the independent studio, is a prime example of the company’s suspenseful work. To illustrate the underlying corruption and lack of transparency in the legal system, this film depicts the kidnapping of a lawyer by a psychopath. ‘Steel Chamber’ did well at the streaming release and was praised for its likable protagonist and supporting cast.

Steel Chamber

B Dub Films has produced a number of critically acclaimed indie films, such as the horror-drama “Schizo”.

Both Bobby Washington and Cindy Jay

Bobby Washington and Cindy Jay, who co-founded Dub Films, have also worked on numerous films as producers and actors. Washington’s filmography includes roles in Eye iWatch, Steel Chamber, and Schizo, all of which were produced by B Dub Films. Jay’s resume also includes starring roles in films and music videos produced by B Dub Films.

Washington and Jay are well-known not only as actors and filmmakers but also as musicians and activists. Through their participation in performance with organizations, they have brought attention to vital causes, such as social justice.

On the whole, B Dub Films has produced such a remarkable and varied body of work that it has become one of the most prominent independent film studios. As well as making a difference in the world through their philanthropic work, Bobby Washington and Cindy Jay have grown their company into major players in the independent cinema industry.

Conclusion B Dub Films is widely recognized as the premier independent film production company due to its extensive library of ground-breaking films. “B Dub Films is a major player in the independent cinema industry thanks to the efforts of its founders, Bobby Washington and Cindy Jay.

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