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New Snoop Dogg Spanish Song Gets Over 5 Million Views First Day!

The new Snoop Dogg Spanish Song “Que Maldición” quickly became a global sensation. It received over 5.3 million YouTube views on its first day and tallied up over 5 million streams in its first week. The song also debuted at #4 on the Latin Music charts.

In the new Snoop Dogg Spanish song, the hip-hop legend seamlessly transitions between English and Spanish phrases. The track will have your head bobbing even if you don’t understand a single Spanish word that he says!

Here’s the English translation of lines Snoop Dogg rapped in Spanish:

What’s that? Baby, yo te extraño;
Maybe that’s my culpa
Translation: What’s that? Baby, I miss you. Maybe that’s my fault.

And I won’t salir, I’m here
Translation: And I won’t leave, I’m here

Si me necesitas, I’ll arrive, believe me
D-O-GG, soy tu perrito yo allá

Translation: If you need me, I’ll arrive, believe me. D-O-GG, I’m your dog over there.

Mami, me duele cuando no estás conmigo
Y yo que soy tu hombre, todavía soy amigo

Translation: Mami, it hurts when you’re not with me. And I’m that your man, I’m still your friend.

The new song that Snoop Dogg is featured in, is a collaboration with a regional Mexican music band called Banda MS

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Snoop Dogg Spanish Song Gets 5 Million Views
Que Maldición” Becomes a Top Trending Music Video on Youtube
Snoop Dogg Spanish Song Que Maldición trending on Youtube

The music video got millions of views within its first 24-hours and received positive reactions from both English and Spanish speaking fans. At the time of reporting, the video is the #5 trending video on Youtube.

In less than two weeks, the song has now surpassed over 20 million views, making it Snoop’s Dogg’s 5th most successful song feature in less than 13 days. It will be interesting to see how much legs the video seems to be still adding on a million views a day.

Snoop Dogg's New Spanish, "Que Maldición," Song Gets Over 20 Million Views in 2 Weeks

Snoop is also performing live shows with the group. Ticketmaster is selling tickets to upcoming concert dates.

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