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SpotemGottem was the victim of a drive-by shooting

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victim of a drive-by shooting

With the exception of possessions such as a car, some of the most valued things in our lives are possessions of yesteryear. These possessions have become “iconic” in our culture; an image people revere and seek out when confronted with a problem or dilemma.

Case in point:SpotemGottem was the victim of a drive-by shooting at 1 a.m. on September 17th in Orlando, Florida ( according to Complex ). The artist was sitting in his car near a light-rail stop when an unknown male pulled up alongside and opened fire, striking him in the abdomen.

Artist, identity was withheld

SpotemGottem’s car had just come to a full stop when two men emerged from an alleyway bearing guns, rushed him and opened fire. The artist, whose identity was withheld by Complex due to the nature of the investigation, was hit multiple times in the chest and arm. He escaped the scene but later succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital.

The incident unfolded around 3:05am on Friday morning (September 17) as dozens of people had gathered in front of 30 Rockefeller Center—home to the world’s tallest statue of liberty—in preparation for the daily morning prayer service. As the prayer service concluded and the crowd began to disperse, shots rang out from the direction of 30 Rockefeller Center, striking an outer wall and subsequently striking teenager Arthur Rosenfeld in the head.

Pulled out weapons and began shooting at the 27-year-old

SpotemGottem was at work at his studio in Orlando, Florida, when he noticed two men approach him from behind. The men, who were later identified as being from an unknown group, pulled out weapons and began shooting at the 27-year-old photographer.

He was hit once in the back and suffered serious injuries to his arm and hand. Luckily for him, none of the bullets were fired at close range, which meant he wasn’t hit by a bullet aimed at a different target. The men fled the scene in a dark-colored sedan.

A Resident was also injured

Another nearby resident was also injured in the shooting and taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Complex reported. According to reports, the incident took place near the intersection of South Orange Blossom Trail and Colonial Boulevard at around 3:40am ET on Friday (September 17).

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The exact circumstances surrounding the shooting are not yet clear. Police are still currently looking for the suspects.

SpotemGottem was alone when setup

SpotemGottem was working alone in his Orlando apartment when he was set upon by two males wearing ski masks and brandishing guns, the artist told Complex. The assailants allegedly opened fire, hitting the artist several times in the head and torso.

The incident was caught on surveillance camera and brought to the attention of local authorities. The victims—according to Complex, who were not identified—were not believed to be trying to rob the artist, but simply happened upon him in his home at 2am in the morning without any concept of how he got there or how he could get out.

SpotemGottem was in his studio working

SpotemGottem was working on some artwork in his studio on the 1500 block of North Spaulding Street in Miami when an unknown individual walked up and started shooting at him from across the street, according to an eyewitness who spoke with Complex. The shooter then drove off in a black SUV. The incident happened around 3 a.m., and as soon as police arrived on the scene they noticed the damage to the studio and bullet holes in the wall.

The attack left the interior wall completely unguarded as security footage shows no sign of a forced entry.

Motive remains under investigation

On the morning of September 17, the street art collective’s van was then set upon by a man driving a Ford Explorer, according to the report. According to authorities, the assailant—who has not been identified by authorities—fired rounds into the van, striking SpotemGottem five times, rendering him unconscious. The assault, which occurred just before 4 a.m., was not part of an organized attempt to steal the artwork, according to the artist’s attorney, Scott Rosenblum. The shooting appears to have been unprovoked. The motive for the attack remains under investigation.

SpotemGottem’s art and business ventures have attracted numerous critics and violent threats. In 2016, Wolfgang subjected himself to psychological evaluation after receiving multiple death threats from right-wing groups after announcing he would move to France from Germany due to political climate there.

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In a statement given to Complex in September, Wolfgang said that following the election of US President Donald Trump, America has become a ‘dark place.’

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