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Find out what makes a man a man and what makes a woman fall for him.

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These Men Have A Special Superpower.

You’re probably sick of seeing the same guy get all the girls, and I’m here to tell you that there are certain dudes who are just good with women, bro.

They’re like chick magnets, and it’s probably not you. But see, you shouldn’t be mad about this; instead, you should learn what things these dudes have that you can do.

Today, I’m going to show you the five dudes who always get the chicks. Let’s get into this one I’m referring to men who have a lot of life experience and have gained a lot of knowledge as a result of their experiences, which they can then apply in the real world.

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The Alpha Male Women Love

There are two reasons why men like this always come out on top: first, women like to feel secure in the knowledge that their man is in charge; second, because you understand multiple aspects of life, she feels like you’re her protector.

The second reason is that you’re a realist, you’re down to earth, and you’re a clean-cut individual. The neatly dressed gentleman. This one always comes out on top.
Look at each and every superstar; there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

Observe that the celebrities that are successful with women their always well groomed. Imagine that you are Drake and try to emulate his appearance. You’re such a horrible bunny that guys who are attracted to girls will flock to you as they would to Brad Pitt.

Stoicism Allows You To Remain Unaffected By Other People’s Emotions.

If the stoic guy stays on the face right, he takes nothing personally. He understands it’s a numbers game. This is why he wins with women. You know, the stoic guy isn’t emotional and he’s ultra rational.

Again, very similar to the guy that has wisdom. I actually mentioned that as a trait, but the stoic guy isn’t emotional and he’s ultra rational, again very similar to the guy that has wisdom. I actually mentioned that as a trait.

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The stoic guy understands the game and is unfazed by emotional triggers like other guys, whereas another guy will get caught up on one girl, and then that girl will reject you, and now you’ll spend the next three months sobbing over that one chick, while the stoic guy has already connected with over a hundred women in this time period.

Exactly What Makes These Men So Successful With The Opposite Sex?

One rejection and he’s not crying and thinking “man, what if it’s not her type?” Maybe you’re not her type. That’s it all. Guys, these guys win because they’re rare guys are the ones that were able to subdue the lust for women and fully focus on their careers their school their job their business, and expand and grow their wealth guys are successful because they know they are rare.

If you’re in the top 20,10 or 1 you’re literally one percent of the population and when you know how valuable you are, you very rarely will let a woman use you manipulate you use you for attention guys are successful because they know they are rare guys. I’m referring to the gentlemen who actually take care of their health by going to the gym and improving their cardiovascular fitness, which is especially important if they also pay attention to their personal appearance.

If you’re the kind of guy who gives a lot of attention to your appearance, you won’t just be attractive because of your good genes. Bear in mind that, biologically speaking, there are certain triggers that happen subconsciously to women it’s not like they’re thinking oh man that guy looks healthy to let me mate with him but subconsciously there’s a reason why women like fit athletic tall guys it’s all about genetics.

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The Kind-Hearted Guy Who Wins The Girl Friend

It’s all about the survival of their offspring. They’re not thinking about it that way, but again, it’s subconscious, so when you’re healthy, all she’s thinking is that’s a good mate. Finally, number six is the kind-hearted individual. This is the guy that does things for other people without expecting anything in return, and he is the only guy that really wins with girls when they go as friends.

This is the dude that is willing to do certain things for women, and he really does it just because he does it to anybody women guys anybody he’s just a nice dude that is willing to be generous, and the reason that this guy wins is that he does things without expectation, and the reason that nice guys lose is that yeah.

I’ll do this generous guy will do the thing, and then completely forget about it because he has maybe he’s chatting to other girls or he has other things to do. He is actually genuinely generous in providing that degree of care and protection, which is why women fall for him

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