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TI’s Son Domani Lets His Voice Be Heard With ‘The Truth’

Kids of superstars following their parents’ footsteps are not unusual, especially in the world of hip-hop. Hip-hop artist TI’s son Domani Harris is one such celebrity kid who is trying to make his way in this industry. 

Reality shows like “Growing up Hip-Hop” chronicles the lives of the children of famous hip-hop artists trying to make it on their own in the industry.

While some like Lil Romeo, whose father is Master P and Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev. Run from Run DMC, have seemingly found their niche in the world of hip-hop, others are still trying to find their voice and their way onto the scene.

Domani has come out with music of his own recently, and his father explained the reason why we won’t see much of him this season on “TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

VH1 offered Domani $80,000 to appear on the show this season, but he refused. “For one season, I think it was $80,000,” T.I. said during a recent interview with Big Facts.  

“They told [Domani], ‘All you’ve got to do is just show up for a couple of [scenes]. You ain’t even really got to do too much. We’re going to pay you for the whole season, just for being in the background.’ He was like, ‘No, I’m straight.’”

“He’s real adamant about making his own path,” T.I. said of Domani Harris.

TI's Son - Domani Harris

 “He has a king intent to separate his legacy from my legacy [and] from Family Hustle’s legacy.”

 “He wants Domani’s legacy to be Domani’s legacy.”

Domani started making music when he was ten years old and just released his new single and video for “The Truth,” a laid back whimsical almost Neo-Soul joint talking about relationships. 

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Domani’s music is a far cry from his father’s music, but maybe that’s the point. He may be TI’s son, but he is his own man, and that’s something that should make any father proud.

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