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The Top 3 Strategies For Buying Cheap Yeezys

Cheap Yeezys - 350 Boost Black

Finding cheap Yeezys can be difficult, with resellers inflating the price. In our guide, we provide three ways to get a pair at the lowest price.

Anyone, who hasn’t been living under a rock this past couple of years, has probably heard of Yeezy sneakers, the brainchild of sports apparel Adidas and celebrity rapper Kanye West. While it’s no secret that a single pair of Yeezys can bore a hole in your pocket, it’s still one of the most coveted brands in the market. 

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static Black (Reflective)
The last pair of these Yeezys sold for $923 on at the time of writing

While a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers typically retails for around $220, they can end up costing between $300 to $1000+ on the resell market depending on demand and your shoe size. As such, figuring out how to buy a pair at the retail price can easily seem like finding a needle in a haystack. We’ve looked around and found some ways to legally get cheap Yeezys that are authentic in today’s market.

Buy Cheap Yeezys On Release Day

Since Yeezy fever is still far from dying out, the lowest price you’ll be able to find a pair that is in high demand is at its initial retail price. However, buying a fresh new pair of Yeezys as soon as it drops is easier said than done. Online releases are quickly sold out in as fast as an hour. To actually have a chance copping a pair before the resellers buy them all, no matter how slim the opportunity might be, a warrior must come prepared.

Follow Release Updates

The fight for a cheap pair of Yeezys starts even before release day. Although Adidas announces when the next Yeezy drop will be, occasional visits to Adidas’s website won’t do. As release dates sometimes change, checking for daily updates is paramount. 

Many sites make checking for updates easier. is one of the most famous destinations for this purpose, and it even has a list of several online retailers to choose from.

Know The Buying Procedure

Although most online retailers may have similar buying procedures, not every part of the process is necessarily the same. Making the wrong move may lead to the website crashing or somebody else snatching the last pair first. 

To avoid this, knowing how to add items to your cart, check out, and complete the purchase is paramount. The easy way to do this is by doing a trial order. Choose any item from the store, then proceed just like you would if you were making a real purchase. Study how the entire process goes, but stop just before making payment.

Use Autofill Feature

Google Chrome has an autofill feature that does what its name implies. This will reduce the time to fill out billing and shipping forms.  Online shops turn into battlefields during release days, so you have to make every second count.

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Use A Sneaker Bot

sneaker bot concept
Sneaker bot concept from safi

Many enthusiasts believe that copping Yeezys the usual way is almost impossible. That’s where sneaker bots enter the equation. Bots take many different forms. 

A sneaker bot can come in the form of a simple browser extension to an entire application with an in-built browser. These are hundreds of lines of intricate codes, whose primary purpose is to bypass captchas, do the whole buying process, and pay for the product.

With diverse functions and efficiency, a sneaker bot’s price ranges from 10 dollars to 500 dollars. Currently, a large percentage of Yeezy buyers are using bots.

Many retailers are trying to crack down on the use of sneaker bots as it makes it harder for casual customers to buy sneakers at retail prices. While using a bot may violate the terms and conditions of some retail sites, using a bot is not illegal in most countries. Be sure that using a bot is legal in your country and that the use of the bot does not explicitly violate the terms of the website you are using. 

Enter Yeezy Raffles

In a bid to fight the sneaker bots, retail stores have resorted to using raffle systems. Most sneaker raffles follow a one entry per person policy. Though unlike the lottery, the prize for winning a Yeezy raffle is not a free pair of Yeezys. 

Winning a Yeezy raffle means getting a unique link to buy a pair at retail price. Be aware that different retailers have different requirements.

On Sneakersnstuff, a customer is required to download its app to enter a raffle. Fortunately, no registration is required. 

To join a Sneakersnstuff raffle, go to the release section and choose a shoe. This will redirect the screen to a product page. Once there, you should be able to see where it allows you to enter the raffle.

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Sneaker raffles are only open for a short period, so it’s advisable to enter as soon as it opens. Since there is usually a one entry per person policy, tapping friends and family members to join the raffle with you may increase the chances of copping some cheap Yeezys.

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